Art Space

I draw, sculpt and paint

Little horses

It all started with a horse named Piero that used to walk past my window while working in my studio. I had just returned to making sculptures and was inspired to begin sculpting animals in my surroundings.

A rooster and chickens

The Chickens, the fast moving and awkward looking creatures, challenged my understanding of proportion and anatomy. The process of “making it” challenged my patience. I would like to call this very personal installation, that was created during a time of loss: Live, Life with Love.

Jack rabbits

Imagine my jack rabbit to be the moon rabbit, a mythical figure who lives on the moon, constantly pounding the elixir of happy long life.

Fish out of water

Fish out of water,
-what it would be like if our oceans rivers and lakes were clean.


With my installations I want to provoke and invite to think and rethink, our place in society and influence we have on our environment

Chicken doodles

Before I create a sculpture I sketch it over and over.

Jack rabbit sketches