Art Space

I draw, paint and sculpt

Wire sculptures

Little horses

It all started with a horse named Piero that used to walk past my window while working in my studio. I had just returned to making sculptures and was inspired to begin sculpting animals in my surroundings.

A rooster and chickens

The Chickens, the fast moving and awkward looking creatures, challenged my understanding of proportion and anatomy. The process of “making it” challenged my patience. I would like to call this very personal installation, that was created during a time of loss: Live, Life with Love.


I read once, that rabbits are said to be “courageous and playful animals, in the face of death.” And that the Asian moon rabbit is depicted mixing an elixir. I set out to capture different characters and stages of life in each one of my jackrabbit sculptures.

Chicken doodles

Before I create a sculpture I sketch it over and over.

Jackrabbit sketches


The following examples are watercolor drawings that I drew in a hotel room in Clarksvill Tennessee. Each day I drew a different fruit from the breakfast buffet.


With my installations I want to provoke and invite to think and rethink, our place in society.


Up coming solo exhibition:
September 4th through October 10th 2021 at Galleria d’ArteContemporanedi Palazzo Ducale, Italy

Group Exhibitions:

2017 “Il Capello Magico” Splash Museum, Sassuolo
2017 “Forse Sognare” Castello di Spezzano, Spezzano
2015 “L’Uovo E La Croce” Magazzini Criminali, Sassuolo
2015 “Arte Made In Polinago” Teatro Guiglia, Modena
2014 “Ho Fatto Un Segno” Galleria Incontri, Casalgrande
2014 “Inside” Torre di Montecuccoli di Montecenere
2013 ” Mostra D’arte” Castello di Sestola, Sestola
2013 “Without Flags” Galleria MuseOrfeo, Bologna
2012 “Ore Ventuno” Palazzo Ducale, Pavullo
2009 “Decadence” Installazione, Galleria Il Paradesino, Modena